About Us


Bench is a contemporary jewellery studio space located at an industrial site in Brisbane’s southside. It was established in 2012 by four emerging artists; Andy Lowrie, Clare Poppi, Katie Stormonth and Shanna Muston. Bench was created in response to the need for creative spaces in Brisbane, with the studio facilitating the sharing of ideas, creation of new work and critical discussion of art and design. The result is a small community of makers dedicated to promoting jewellery as an artform in Brisbane. These artists explore and manipulate the crossover between visual art, craft, fashion and design, seeking to extract the best principles from each area and incorporate them into their own practice.

Bench is a collective workspace home to four emerging contemporary jewellers. In 2015 and 2016 Bench welcomed new members Nellie Peoples and Emma Clippingdale to the studio. In 2016 Bench moved to its new location, a new space with new potential for growth and creativity.