Impressions of Radiant Pavilion


Bench is participating in Radiant Pavilion 2017 with their participatory event Impressions of Radiant Pavilion!

Undoubtedly jewellery and wearable objects journey with us through time and space. These objects share our experiences through celebrations, tribulations and everyday experiences. Impressions of Radiant Pavilion seeks to create direct physical impressions of these experiences in which the participant stands and turn them into wearable objects. These imprinted objects will act as conversation starters for participants to discuss their experiences throughout Radiant Pavilion 2017. The wearable impressions act akin to a souvenir, they are reminders of time and place. Impressions of Radiant Pavilion is not a traditional exhibition, rather, an ongoing set of participatory happenings. Bench will be offering inexpensive Impression Kits for Radiant Pavilion goers, using a moulding material to take impressions of the surfaces at openings, talks, happenings and everything in between. Bench members will collect the moulds and turn them into wearable pins that are returned to participants throughout Radiant Pavilion events to wear as mementos.

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Adorned Spaces: Mark Making by Bench

2017 SNAG: Nexus – A Connection of Ideas Conference, New Orleans: 25-27 May 2017

Artists: Andy Lowrie, Clare Poppi, Katie Stormonth and Nellie Peoples

adorned spaces.jpeg

Mark Making is an exhibition of works from members of the Australian contemporary jewellery studio, Bench. The exhibition presents works that consider the different and unique ways that each artist interprets the act of mark making, a common focus the four artists share within their own individual practices. Nellie Peoples explores the intimate connections people form with cherished objects. She encourages the wearer to be more aware of the journey of an object and the trace it leaves behind. Clare Poppi also considers the journey of a piece of jewellery, but focuses on the mark that crafting an object leaves on the earth. Her use of flora provokes wearers to take care and consider the impact of the products they purchase.

On the other hand Andy Lowrie considers the contemporary relevance of the jewel as a talisman, interpreting the role as a personal narrative between object and maker or the object and wearer. Whilst Katie Stormonth utilises painted surfaces that are both bold and decorative to highlight patterns of chased line work that mark the surfaces of her pieces. It is intended that the wearer will both see and feel these works. Mark Making displays both recent and new works from the four artists and can be viewed at the 2017 SNAG conference in New Orleans as part of the Adorned Spaces event.

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Worn & Weathered

Nellie, Clare and Katie have work in Worn & Weathered! Come check out the exhibition tonight at the opening! 6-8pm Webb Gallery, Queensland College of Art. @benchstudio #bench #benchstudio #JMGQ #worn&weathered #nelliepeoples #clarepoppi #katiestormonth #contemporaryjewellery

Bench Studio is in Fortitude Valley

Bench Studio is in Fortitude Valley! Thanks to the Brisbane City Council we are the first artists in residency at The Pod in Brunswick Street Mall. Impressions of the Valley with Bench Studio! Come and visit us from 6 June until 25 June 2016.

Mondays to Thursday 10am-4pm with interactive free workshop 1-2pm. Saturdays 10am-4pm with interactive free workshop 11am-2pm.