Emma Clippingdale

I have always had a passion and interest in Silver Jewellery – the wonder of how things are made, it always intrigued me. A few years ago, I decided, I was going to make 2014 about me, and the first thing on my list was to find somewhere to learn the basics of Silver Smithing. A few weeks later I was attending a beginner’s class at BIA in Brisbane. I was hooked instantly. A few weeks later I was back at BIA doing another workshop. Later that year my brother asked me to make wedding rings for him and his fiancé – what an honour. Simple silver bands which they love. In 2015 I signed up for more classes this time at FIO in New Farm, and have been doing blocks and weekend workshops ever since.

As I am only starting out, I am still developing my techniques and themes. I am loving thick contemporary rings, simple textured earrings, and so far simple stone setting. Silver is my preferred medium.

Facebook: ClipzJewlz

Instagram: @clipzjewlz