Impressions of Radiant Pavilion

Bench is participating in Radiant Pavilion 2017 with their participatory event Impressions of Radiant Pavilion!

Undoubtedly jewellery and wearable objects journey with us through time and space. These objects share our experiences through celebrations, tribulations and everyday experiences. Impressions of Radiant Pavilion seeks to create direct physical impressions of these experiences in which the participant stands and turn them into wearable objects. These imprinted objects will act as conversation starters for participants to discuss their experiences throughout Radiant Pavilion 2017. The wearable impressions act akin to a souvenir, they are reminders of time and place. Impressions of Radiant Pavilion is not a traditional exhibition, rather, an ongoing set of participatory happenings. Bench will be offering inexpensive Impression Kits for Radiant Pavilion goers, using a moulding material to take impressions of the surfaces at openings, talks, happenings and everything in between. Bench members will collect the moulds and turn them into wearable pins that are returned to participants throughout Radiant Pavilion events to wear as mementos.

For more information and images checkout the website below!